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5L can of STOPSEL - Engine anti-corrosion cleaner

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Can Stopsel RC 5 Liters.
Concentrated formula, eliminates salt and protects your parts and cooling system from corrosion.

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Canister Stopsel RC 5 Liters
Concentrated formula, eliminates salt and protects against corrosion, exclusive organic and non-toxic formula. Application on all types of materials. Ideal for flushing marine engines. Available in 5L container. Use with a blender (sold separately).

Stopsel also protects fittings, fishing and diving equipment... BIODEGRADABLE AND NON-TOXIC STOPSEL is to be used in complete safety on all types of materials. EXCLUSIVE CORROSION INHIBITOR deposits a protective film and prevents further damage. By regularly using STOPSEL RC, in accordance with the instructions, you will protect your engine and your equipment while increasing their lifespan.

Manual :
To clean the cooling system, use the AUTOMIX mixer intended for STOPSEL. Connect the automixer to a garden hose, fill the tank with STOPSEL, connect to a cooling system in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. STOPSEL will be diluted in the necessary proportion as soon as you turn on the tap. 1 to 2 minutes of rinsing is enough.
For soaking various parts, dilute 1 volume of STOPSEL to 4 volumes of water. Immerse your parts for 5 minutes. For parts heavily loaded with salt, the quantity of STOPSEL and the immersion time can be extended.


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